The Stock Market Investing in Europe is even worse than in the states. The constant strikes and bailouts by the IMF have all investors worried there. With the unions in France able to bring the entire country to a standstill whenever they feel like it is not a good sign or place to take a chance.

The shining part of the world is Asia. This includes Korea, India and of course China. While the stock market in China has seen a near 20% decline this year, they are still performing better than anywhere else. The major worry about Asian is that once the traditional economies start to move forward, the Asian markets will be vacated. Investors could lose all of their gains when this occurs so caution is needed.

The best Stock Market Investing tips are to stay with the basics and take no short cuts. Do your research on a company before investing and always find more than one source for your data. Using the basics might not make you super rich, but it gives you the best chance of staying out of the poor house in this economy.

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